Despite the lure of popular turn-key website providers that advertise that even non-technical folks can use them to create unique and stunning professional sites, the truth is, if you are like the majority of business owners looking to create the best website you are going to need some help in order to stand out.

That is where the question lies – How do you find a good Website designer? An individual who has design experience with the platform you want to use, an awesome online portfolio, and has the skills to understand the business you are in and your individual goals.

In this article I’ll give you a few suggestions on what to look for as well as suggestions on what to pay and where to find these magical WordPress and website designers.

What Makes A Good Freelance Website Designer?

A good freelancer has an eye for detail

Before I give you suggestions on what to look for in a great website designer, let’s discuss briefly the characteristics of a good web designer.

Ultimately deciding on a website designer is a personal decision. I can’t make up your mind for you – but hopefully the below suggestions on what to look for will help you make that choice a bit clearer.

A good website designer should be able to:

  • Keep up with modern website trends and technology
  • Be able to customize their approach to your project with their knowledge of the latest trends and tech
  • Understand and be willing to work within your budget requirements
  • Understand your business and where you sit in the industry
  •  Always be willing to listen to you – both with suggestions and feedback
  • Be willing to make decisions based on experience in your industry for your customers’ best interests
  • Have a good understanding of your tastes and design preferences
  • If possible, have worked on sites that have the look and feel of your design goal

Above all, website and WordPress design is a partnership where your results are directly related to the quality of communication between you and your website designer.

How To Find The Right WordPress Designer

Know what you want and don’t want in Website Design

Long before you start looking for a freelance website designer you should research websites you like and what makes them inspirational.

Ask yourself the following

  • Am I looking for a super visual, modern and trendy looking website
  • Do I want a more conservative look?
  • Will I be adding content to my website on a regular basis? If so, should I use WordPress?

Knowing the answers to the above questions will allow you to look for the appropriate website designers that fit your scope and long-term business goals.

Research Freelance Website Designer Portfolios And Past Work

If you take the time to research a freelance website designer’s portfolio and work, it is a great way to determine they have the stuff that matches your tastes and website goals.

Get recommendations from people you trust and ask if the website designer met deadlines, was easy to work with, had good communication and most importantly if they would work with the website designer again.

Hire A Website Designer Who Has Designed For WordPress Or Your Choice Of Platform

It goes without saying that you should choose an individual with website design experience building WordPress sites or websites on the platform that you have selected. If you haven’t decided to work on WordPress or another CMS platform yet you will want to choose a website designer or company that can help you choose one.

You should be aware that some platforms are proprietary and template based – these types of platforms include companies like Squarespace and Wix, – while others like WordPress or Drupal are open source.

The main difference between proprietary and open source is that the former are entirely template based and are easy to rush into. After spending hours creating something to suit your needs you may realize the best solutions are unavailable and you now must start from the beginning. Open source solutions, on the other hand, are completely customizable and offer a limitless amount of opportunity to achieve the very best website you can think of.

In addition, proprietary systems can never be moved whereas the open-source systems are completely independent of a hosting company or website designer.

Be Realistic On Your Web Site Design Budget

You should prepare a realistic budget and educate yourself on the potential cost of hiring a freelance website designer. Website design costs vary and are based the complexity of the project, including but not exclusive to the number of pages of the website and any special functionality required.

For example, a basic five to ten page brochure style website can be anywhere from $2k to double that. If your website requires eCommerce it could start at $3.5k and go all the way to $20k especially if you have many products and need to integrate payment services.

If that seems like a lot to pay for freelance website design or WordPress development, it is important to remember that you always get what you pay for. There are lots of cheap website developers out there on places like Fiverr and Craigslist but always make sure not to sacrifice quality for savings.

Make Sure Your WordPress Or Website Designer Delivers On Your Timeline

Before committing to a specific WordPress or website designer you must get assurance they will be able to complete your project within your timeframe. It’s also important when guaranteeing timelines to make sure that the website designer is completely clear on the following

  • Project scope
  • Revision requests
  • Your requirements to the designer for project completion

Finding The Right WordPress And Website Designer

If you follow the above steps and take the time to research, ask questions and set clear goals you can find the WordPress or freelance designer to get you a website that fits both your budget and vision.

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