A great looking and functional website with a great design is essential for modern businesses. When looking for WordPress or web designers should you choose a freelance web designer or a web design agency? In this article we will look at five reasons why you would want to choose a freelance web designer or WordPress developer over a web design agency.

Reason #1 To Choose A Freelance Web Designer Over an Design Agency – Price

Freelance web designers will accept your project if they are interested in doing the work – and making the money.

They are more cost-effective because they have almost no overhead – freelance web designer’s work from home most of the time. They only take work if they are able to complete the work and it is something that they will enjoy doing.

Website design firms on the other hand have a lot of overhead – employee wages, insurance and office rent for instance. To make sure that they are able to keep everything going they will take every job that they are offered – even if it is not necessarily a good fit.

Freelance website designers or WordPress developers are more available and they are most likely looking to build their portfolios so they will work hard to make you the best website possible.

Of course it is still important to do your own research first to make sure you are getting the real deal.

Reason #2 To Choose A Freelance Web Designer Over an Design Agency – No Waiting

Big website design agencies are looking for big money which means that smaller clients will often get bumped in favor of the bigger ones.

Conversely, freelance web designers don’t always have large clients. Getting clients that are too big would occupy all of their time and not enable them to take other clients. Freelance designers rely on their portfolios and word of mouth. They need to do a good job to advertise their services.

Reason #3 To Choose A Freelance Web Designer Over an Design Agency – Passion

Freelancer website designers are passionate about their work. Their livelihood depends on it. When they build your website it’s a concrete expression of their skill, displayed for the world.

They want it to look great – because the website design is also an expression of them. With a web design company, a lot of the time once the work is done and you have paid you are on your own.

Freelance web designers and WordPress developers do what they do because they want to build really smart websites that work for people. And they want the work to be stunning because that brings them more work that they love.

Almost all freelancer web designers love their work they will tend to avoid jobs they aren’t suited for. They live to code – not code to live.

Reason #4 To Choose A Freelance Web Designer Over an Design Agency – Cutting Edge Technology

Big web design agencies are looking to streamline and to maximize profit not stay on the cutting edge of web technology.

Freelancer WordPress developers or website designers are able to adopt new technology as soon as it emerges. They are not limited by a profit driven bureaucracy to get approval to try the new tech.

Reason #5 To Choose A Freelance Web Designer Over an Design Agency – Communication

Big website design agencies employ project and marketing managers. You will get good communication on the initial sale – all of your wants and needs will be addressed.

The problem with a big website design agency is that this manager now has to translate your vision to a team of UI designers and programmers along with other managers. This then results in the dilution or distortion of your vision. This issue creates a bigger problem if the coding is outsourced.

With a freelance web designer he or she is directly answerable to clients. Any good website freelancer worth his or her weight in salt will listen to your needs and work from there. With no communication gaps you can be assured they will work with you to decide what is best for your business and your clients.

It may be hard to find the right freelance web designer or WordPress developer but when you do the relationship can produce amazing results.

Why You Should Choose A Freelance Website Designer Or WordPress Developer

Hiring a freelance web designer means you can get a basic website and not break the bank. You might even get an incredible website for less than $2,000 if you find a designer that is just starting out. Freelance website designers are not in it for the money – they don’t build super big sites or take huge projects because it prevents them for doing what they really love – coding.

You will get much, much more for less if you hire a freelance website designer or WordPress developer.

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