It can be very difficult to write blog posts sometimes. Sometimes you’re working on other stuff and you notice its been one month since your last post and you’re supposed to stick to your schedule of two blogs per month! DANG!

You’ve then got two options. You could write about SOMETHING, anything, quick. Second option is to abandon your obligations and make a point to make more effort to stick to your schedule later. The procrastination train is on the way! Later. Today though, We’re going with the first option and writing about writing about being a web designer! Alright! That’s easy!

When you’re a web designer there’s tons of things to write about! And they’re all interesting! Sadly this is not the case because i’m being sarcastic. Its important to come up with topics ahead of time to refer to later. Lets make this a “Things to write about when its time to write about web design for the blog” list.

What do you write about when you want traffic to your website and you make websites? Well hey, maybe that’s not so unique to my industry or any industry at all. Maybe all you really have to do is be overly enthusiastic and completely open about being the best at what you do. That is what most people refer to as “Authority” these days and the word is so good its sells millions of books. Here’s a list of topics I would cover to establish authority in my field:

Managing an Online Business

Selecting a Descriptive Domain Name

Finding A Reliable Web Host

Taking a Lunch Break Then Deciding to End the Work Day Early

The Importance of Quality Web Design

Fonts and Their Many Intricacies, Purposes and Pitfalls

Why would I do this? Because this is exactly the kind of info my target demographic is looking for. They type this type of info into Google and BOOM! There I am, loading their screen with info that’s pertinent to their query. They read the quality, hand written articles that they can’t find anywhere else and all of a sudden I’m helping them achieve their goals online. That’s the establishment of rapport and that sells websites.

There are a couple more steps you need to take to get this formula just right and your name in the results but this is one of the most important. Content is king. #1. Develop a strategy to get quality content up on time and you’ll get the points you need from the search engine giants to get more traffic to your site. That’s how it works.

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