There is so much happening over the web starting from Memes to Viral Videos, and everything and everyone is so connected in the age of Internet. There are Nomophobics everywhere; in the bus that you take to school or in the café you go to hang out with friends, there is hardly any person who isn’t on a social networking platform. Social Media brought with it a revolution that created Nazis of a different kind, who not only ensure content travels all over the globe but employ targeted strategies in order to make connections that reach their maximum potential.

An actual person using social media to market themselves.

Who is a Social Media Expert and what’s their Strategy?

A social media expert is the one who knows the ins and outs of Social Media. A regular user might upload a post and count the number of interactions on his post but an expert would get personally involved with the content, design it according to audience requirements and then publish it online. Let’s have a look at the Social Media Marketing Strategy that gets the internet rolling.

Diversify your Content: Pictures are sure to catch the eye but you must know what’s interesting. Videos and blog posts are known to attract a wider audience on social media platforms. Why? Because your target audience varies and a certain kind of post over a long time can bore your audience. Keep your options open.

Educate while you Promote: Your audience must know what your product or service is all about. Simply promoting your brand won’t fetch you the desired result because your target audience might include a new set of people who would require knowing how your product or service would be useful to them. Again, coming up with educational videos can attract a larger audience to your page.

Become a Storyteller: The first thing to do when creating online presence is to start with stories. Stories are interesting and can make a lasting impact on your audience. Add storytelling to your promotional activities for a more successful outcome.

Collab with influencers: Influencers on the social media platforms are the best people who can get you promoted easily. The reason being they have large number of followers who can make a potential audience.

Interact with existing Customers: Take a Survey or put up an Instagram Poll. Ask your Customers what they expect from your brand and what they would like to see on their feed.

Consider Virtual and Augmented Reality: The new forms of marketing are turning up to increase audience engagement. If you’ve not yet explored the potential of VR and AR, it’s time you do and see the influence these have on the decision making process of your audience.

Stream those Live Videos: Go live! Users all around the world like to catch up with what’s happening around them at a given point of time. You won’t find a better way to interact with your audience than live streaming.

Be present over Social TV: Instagram and YouTube have recently made marketing even easier. You can post long videos and give your target audience a chance to learn more about you and your brand.

Interact: Reply to comments, stories, reposts and give your followers a feeling that you are available to respond to them. Your activity on social media can strongly impact your branding. Make sure you get it done right.

Let Bots do the Work: It is not always possible to remain online and you can’t afford to miss out on very important activities on your page. Especially when your audience wants to reach out to you, you need to reply to their queries. Guess what makes your work easier? Chatbots!

While social media marketing goes hand-in-hand with social media advertising, these were some of the strategies that can help you reach your target audience. Here, at, a website focused on Adrien Burel, a US-based Freelance Web Developer, you can find a detailed list of all the essential requirements for your website.

Let’s end this post with some great advice from social media expert Kevin David! Be sure to comment below with any tips you find useful from this or any other guide you come across.

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